Helping Teens and Children With Anxiety

Through one-to-one and Group Sessions using Calming

Tools and Techniques to Increase Positive Wellness in Children.




Through Holistic Therapy, Kids Peace of Mind creates a safe environment for your child to express themselves and
work through their emotions using a range of calming holistic relaxation tools.

Each session is child lead and intuitively adapted to suit your child's needs.

Helping children of all ages and abilities, including children with anxiety, autism, SEN, ADHD and trauma.


Kids Peace of Mind - Deirdre Leacy, Ferns, Wexford - Helping teens and children with anxiety through one-to-one and group sessions, using a range of tools and techniques

Providing one-to-one, group sessions and parental support to those looking to overcome stress, worry and anxiety using holistic therapies.

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Holistic Approach

Kids Peace of Mind - Deirdre Leacy, Ferns, Wexford - Using a range of holistic tools and techniques to help teens and children with anxiety

Child-led, with various holistic techniques - Meditation, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki & more.

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Support for Children, Teens & Parents

How I can provide Support to Children, Teens and Parents

1-to-1 Sessions for
Children & Teens

In School or
Group Workshops


The Benefits of
Holistic Therapy
For You & Your Child

A holistic approach is a very effective way in helping to reduce worries and anxieties and helps both the parent and child to connect and communicate in a calm and more empathetic way. It allows children and parents to feel they are not alone in their struggles by providing positive support together with the use of various holistic techniques to help children and teens overcome negative feelings and reducing anxiety, stress, fear and worries.

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